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Pile foundations are the source of hope for people to construct a strong structure on the weak ground. You will see different kinds of pile foundations Seattle WA. But they have reasons for their classifications too. We will hear about all of them today one by one. The information will come your handy when you are planning for a pile foundation:

Categorization Of Pile Foundation According to The Soil Effect

Bored Piles

The bored piles are used for construction in which loads will be transferred under the ground soil or rock layer. It has enough capability to bear the heavy weight to support your structure. The other name for these piles is replacement piles. When the spoil is removed from the ground of this foundation, there is created a hole. In the pit, there remains the reinforced concrete pile. After that, the pile and spoil are replaced with one another.

It is done in opposition to the displacement piles. Thus, the soil is forced by screwing or driving the pile. For the cohesive subsoils, the bored piles are used. Here, the forming piles and friction piles will be formed near the existing structure. The bored piles are very suitable for urban areas. But for the foundation, there must be limited headroom, minimal vibration, no chance of heave, and no variations in the pile’s length.

Driven Piles

The other name of the driven files is displacement piles. The driven piles are the kind of foundation that is very efficient in providing support to the structure that will transmit the load. Again, the load will transfer to the rock or soil layers, which have enough capability to bear the heavy weight, which is very appropriate for soils with settlement problems. These piles are perfect for supporting buildings, towers, tanks, bridges, walls, etc. Another benefit of this foundation is it is affordable too. You can also use the driven piles for the retaining walls, embankments, anchorage structures, bulkheads, etc.

Screw Piles

In the screw pile foundations, you must screw to the ground with a helix near the pile toe. It has no difference with the screwing of the wood. Besides, there may be one or more screws or helix in a screw pile. It depends on the condition of the ground and its utilization. Moreover, there need more helixes if the load is too heavy, than the ground is after compared to the structure.

Categorization Of Pile Foundation According to The Construction Materials:

Concrete Piles

The extensive use of concrete piles is seen in structures made offshore, like bridges, floating airports, and oil rigs. It is a comparatively new technology. The researchers are still working to develop more in this field. Again, the loading of the offshore structure is made from two materials: lateral wave loads and vertical structural loads. The combined interaction of these two components has an essential effect on the reactions of the pile and the load transmitted to the pile. Moreover, the reaction of the pile will be different when it undergoes the large and the small structural load.

Steel Piles

The vibration or impact strikes the depth or the resistance to install the driven steel pipes. To support your foundations, you can go for the installation of the driven piles starting from the small diameter tube piles to the large-diameter steel caissons. The driven piles gather geotechnical efficiency by replacing the soil near the shaft and condensing the ground at the bottom during the installation. You can move the steel tubes by opening or closing them at the end. The drive piles get energy from the higher frequency of a percussion hammer or oscillating hammer.

Timber Piles

The oldest piles among all the other piles are the timber piles. These piles are typically precast displacement piles installed with the driving mood mostly or with the vibratory method in smaller amounts. The general overlapping of the pile shafts permits to gain of a high pile weight capability compared to earlier. You can use it for both your permanent and temporary structures. They are durable and very cost-effective, and you will get the best protection from them. For this reason, in the historical forms, you will see their use vastly, which is still strong after thousands of years.

Concluding Points

The concrete contractors Seattle WA will provide the best suggestions regarding the best pile foundations you need for your structure. But as you know about them, you can also decide on your structure’s foundations. All you need is a durable and robust structure for peaceful living!

By Jordan